OPINION: Iran Just Proved Trump Was Right

Iranian lawmakers burn paper American flags while chanting "Death to America" on May 8, 2018. (Screenshot)

Just hours after President Donald Trump announced that he is pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, Iranian lawmakers responded by burning pictures of American flags in Parliament and chanting “death to America.”

In his announcement, Trump said “We will not allow a regime that chants ‘Death to America’ to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth.”

In doing so, Iran proved Trump was right.

The regime’s intent to destroy the United States, as well as Israel, by any means, is exactly why it should never have nuclear weapons.

Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached in 2015 by the Obama administration and other world powers, Iran would have had guaranteed access to nuclear weapons by 2026.

At that point in time, key restrictions on its nuclear program would be lifted, allowing Iran to install thousands of advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium. Experts believe that it would take Iran only six months to enrich enough uranium for a nuclear warhead.

Iran would also have perfected its ballistic missile technology at that point, providing a vehicle for the deployment of the nuclear bomb. Because Iran’s development of advanced missile technology was not included in the nuclear deal, there have been no repercussions for its continued development of such technology.

“Iran’s military continues its march toward the missile technology to deliver a nuclear warhead. And the world becomes a more dangerous place,” said U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley in September last year.

The sunset clauses and Iran’s continued missile development were the main reasons for President Donald Trump to demand a renegotiation of the Iran nuclear deal.

However, six months after Trump’s announcement he would decertify the Iran deal, Iran was not willing to renegotiate these parts of the deal.

This left the President with no option other than pulling out of the deal.

As part of the U.S. withdrawal from the deal, heavy economic sanctions will be re-imposed on the regime again.

Most sanctions will have a 90 to 180 days delay in being implemented, leaving Iran a window of opportunity to come to its senses and reach a deal that would truly help secure global security.

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From: The Epoch Times

Written by Jasper Fakkert

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