Global Highlights 25/04/2020


Pompeo made a blunt statement: The United States will make the Chinese Communist Party pay the price!

With the spreading of CCP virus, countries around the world are urging to hold CCP accountable for their great suffering. The U.S. government is also getting increasingly assertive towards the Party, with two states successively sued the party. U.S. Secretary Pompeo has made a blunt statement that the Chinese Communist Party has brought great suffering to the world, either on human life or economy, the American government will make them “pay the price.”

“I am very confident that the Chinese Communist Party will pay the price for what they have done, and it will undoubtedly come from the United States,” Pompeo told Fox News on April 22nd. “

It seems that the United States has already obtained pivotal evidence. They will lead the world to make CCP pay the price. This time, there is no shelter for CCP to hide.

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