Global Highlights 24/04/2020


1.Mississippi has become the second US state to sue China

On 22nd April , Mississippi announced to sue Chinese government over the “mishandling during the outbreak”. This is the second American state who decided to sue CCP after Missouri.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch announces this state on Wednesday. She said: “For many Mississippians have suffered as a result of China’s cover-up.”

Fitch said she would hold China accountable for “the malicious and dangerous act” on behalf of the state. “They must not be allowed to act with impunity. Mississippians deserve justice and I will seek that in court.”

The lawsuit will seek compensation under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act, short for FSIA, according to a document released Wednesday by the state’s Justice Department. Missouri’s attorney general Eric Schmitt filed the similar lawsuit against Beijing’s handling of the outbreak on Tuesday.

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2. 500,000 Italians put in a claim to Chinese government for more than $100billion.

The CCP virus (Wuhan Pneumonia) began to slow down in Europe and the United States. Countries began to launch claims against the Chinese Communist Party of covering up the outbreak. Italy has set up a joint website to claim compensation from the Chinese Communist Party, which is planned to have 500,000 people co-signed, with claims worth more than €100 billion(about $108 billion).

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