Global Highlights 07/05/2020


1. Trump: the epidemic crisis is worse than the Pearl Harbour incident and the 9/11 terrorist attack

On 6th of May, US President Trump said at the White House, the United States is experiencing the worst attack ever. The CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic crisis is much more serious than the Pearl Harbour incident and the 9/11 terrorist attack.

As of 6thMay, according to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed cases in the United States is close to 1.22 million, and the number of deaths exceeds 72,000.

The Pearl Harbor incident was the main reason why the United States participated in the Second World War, which caused more than 2,400 US troops death. The 911 terrorist attacks in 2001 killed nearly 3,000 people.

In addition to threatening the lives of Americans, the CCP virus epidemic has also caused serious harm to the US economy.

2. “Belt and Road”hit the rocks under the epidemic

Affected by the CCPvirus(Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic, the Beijing authorities’ overseas “Belt and Road” plan faces a shutdown. The timing of some large-scale infrastructure projects of the “Belt and Road” in Southeast Asia has not yet been determined, but some countries have filed claims against Beijing.

The Indonesian “Belt and Road” project and the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail construction plan originally scheduled to be completed in 2021 were suspended due to the epidemic; The Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima high-speed rail construction plan in Thailand was extended to October; and Myanmar The cooperative power plant project could not be put into use in May due to the epidemic situation.

The CCP ’s concealment of the epidemic has led to the abuse of the epidemic, which has led to the dissatisfaction of many Belt and Road partner countries. Italy’s as the first Western countries in the “Belt and Road” cooperation confirmed recently that there have been proposals to claim 20 billion euros from Beijing; a joint lawyers group in Nigeria also claimUSD 200 billion in compensation for the epidemicfrom Beijing, and was prepared to lobby the Nigerian government to prosecute Beijing to the International Court of Justice in The Hague; Tanzania, announced its withdrawal from the “Belt and Road” US $ 10 billion loan agreement with China, saying that the plan would not benefit the country; Papua New Guinea has refused to renew the mining agreement with the Chinese state-owned Zijin Mining.

3. New cases of Corvid have been reduced in Europe.
    Three main countries start relaxation of the lockdown

The number of new diagnoses and deaths of Corvid -19(Wuhan pneumonia)start to reduce from this Monday in Europe. Countries such as Italy, Spain and France start to discuss to relax the lockdown.

Italy Prime Minister Conte said that on the premise of strictly abiding by social distance and avoiding large gatherings, shops, museums, bars, restaurants will be gradually opened by the end of June, but the school will continue to close until September.

The Spanish lockdown measures have also begun to loosen up. Since the closure in March, the Spaniards can go outdoors for exercise, walks, or personal sports from last Saturday. In addition, the Spanish government requires that starting from the 4th of May, everyone must wear a mask when taking public transportation.

France will relax the lockdown from the 11th of May, but the national emergency order will be delayed until 24th of Julyat least. If new cases continue to decline every day, French children will return to school from the 11th of this month, some businesses will reopen, and people can travel within about 60 miles of their homes.

4. Millions Of Australians may return to work next week

According to Australia 9news, on 5th of May, the federal and state governments are thinking about new ways to revive the economy, which means millions of Australians may end their home office next week and return to their jobs.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison chair a national cabinet meeting with state governors. The Australian Epidemiological Coordination Committee provide a detailed report on the operation of the relevant workplace regarding the relaxation of social restrictions.

Federal Minister of Industry Karen Andrews has been lobbying between various departments and working out plans to return to work safely. Andrews said, “We are very eager to relax social restrictions, but doing it wisely based on the best medical advice available. At the same time, it is also to ensure that we can get work and life on the right track as quickly and effectively as possible.

Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the lockdown measures have affected 94% of the arts and entertainment sector; the unemployment rate is expected to reach 10%, and millions of people will rely on the JobKeeper wage subsidy program to cope with the rising unemployment rate.

More than 4.5 million people have downloaded the COVIDSafe tracking application, but the government hopes that more people will download and log in. The Vaccine Institute CSIRO is testing two vaccines from the United States and the United Kingdom, a vaccine used against the COVID-19 virus will be available later this year or early 2021. People’s lives are still difficult to return to normal before that.

5. Wuhan residents want to set up a monument for victims of pneumonia but suppressed by local authorities

Some Wuhanlocal residents intend to pursue the local government’s responsibility for concealment of Corvid-19 (Wuhan pneumonia).They tried to raise money through real-name online donations, and establish a memorial to the victims of Wuhanpneumonia. But they quickly encountered strong pressurefrom the authorities.

Zhang Hai, whose name is “Snow in the Hand” on Weibo, published an article on 4th of May, announcing the “Fundraising to the Victims of the Epidemic in Wuhan” and established a group with the deceased ’s families. He hope they can exchange information and let more people understand the disasters caused by the Wuhan government’s concealment of the epidemic, and let more people commemorate those victims who have passed away. And he wants toeventually raise 100,000 yuan to build a monument, with all the names and photos of each deceased on. But the campaign was soon suppressed by the authorities, all the contents he posted on the Internet were blocked.

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