Global Highlights 05/05/2020

The P4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan in China (Getty Images)

1.Senior officials of Virus Research Institute fled the US

According to Guo Media, on 2nd of May, a higher-level figures from a Virus Research Institute who escaped from China had arrived in the United States. The heads of European and the United State have read the documents the person brought out and they were all stunned.

In a live broadcast of Guo Media on 2nd of May, GuoWengui said Hong Kong P3 laboratory is a world-renowned laboratory for the CCP virus (COVID-19). The leading institution is the World Health Organization (WHO). After the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19), all people in Wuhan P4 laboratory were informed they should not be allowed to speak out, they were also threatened that they should not speak.

2.Trump Interviewed at the Memorial Hall: Ultimate sanctions will be imposed on the CCP

US President Trump once again publicly stated that the CCP will pay the price for concealing the epidemic. He said that the CCP “made a terrible mistake” and will take “ultimate sanctions” against it.

Trump said: “A terrible thing happened in our country. It came from China. It could have been prevented, it could have been blocked locally. They did not choose to do so, or something happened, not incompetence. Is that they did not do it for some reason. And we have to find out what is the reason. ”

During the question and answer session, Trump said that he would impose ultimate sanctions on the CCP.

3.Reuters: U.S. is pushing the global supply chain out of China

According to the Reuters news, on 4th of May, the US government is vigorously promoting an initiative aimed to separating the global industrial supply chain from the Chinese Communist Party, while also weighing new tariff measures Punish the CCP for its bad handling of the pneumonia epidemic.

President Trump has long pledged to let US manufacture return to the United States, especially after the spread of the CCP virus (Covid -19),  given that the CCP has blocked the medical supplies to the United States and other countries around the world,  which has made US government to strengthen its determination and efforts to get rid of the CCP supply chain.

4.Buffett adjusts investment direction and will invest on US stocks in future

The CCP virus (Corvid -19 or Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic has hit US stocks seriously,  the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett ’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, with a net loss of approximately US $ 50 billion in the first quarter . At the annual shareholder meeting on 2nd of May,  Buffettannounced his withdrawal from investing in the four largest US airline companies, but he is still optimistic that the US economy is “unstoppable,” and he will only invest on US stocks in the future.

According to a Reuters report, Buffett said that the epidemic will indeed severely damage the US economy and investment environment, and may even last for several years, but the United States will finally managed to survive and recovery from the crisis.

5.The British Prime Minister gave his son the same name to thank his doctor

British Prime Minister Johnson had spent three nights in the intensive care unit after being infected with the Chinese Communist Party virus, Wuhan Pneumonia, and the situation began to improve. In an interview with the media recently, he revealed the details of the fight against the virus. He also named his newly born son in the name of a doctor to express his gratitude. He also recorded a short video to upload on Twitter, thanking the medical staff for their life-saving grace.

It is reported that he named his son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. The name “Nicholas” is to pay tribute to Johnson’s two attending doctors in the intensive care unit, because both doctors’ names are Nicholas.

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