Global Highlights 04/05/2020


1.The Five Eyes Alliance caught the evidence: the CCP concealed the epidemic and destroyed the evidence

An investigation report by the “Five Eyes Alliance” intelligence agency released on 2nd of May pointed out that the Chinese Communist Partydeliberately concealed or destroyed evidence of the outbreak of the CCP virus (Covid-19 or Wuhan Pneumonia), killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The report strongly criticizes the Chinese Communist Party’s secrecy of the epidemic situation, which amounts to an “infringement of international transparency.”

However, the report did not agree on the source of the epidemic. Australia believes that the virus comes from a wet market in Wuhan, while the other four countries, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, think it came from a local laboratory.

2.Chinese American group claim compensation from the CCP

According to the Voice of America, several Chinese groups took action and demanded that the CCP virus (Covid-19 or Wuhan Pneumonia) pandemic be held accountable to related organizations and join forces to claim compensation from the Chinese Communist Party.

The group claim that they suethe CCP’s leader Xi Jinping and his ruling government, demanding that they be responsible for deceiving Chinese and people in other countries, covering up the truth, and causing irreparable lives and economic losses, they also claim compensation from the CCP. The group also asked to “end the one-party dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party” because “the Chinese have no freedom of speech, and the Chinese Communist Party arrested doctors to” dispel rumours “, which led to the spread of the virus.

3.Pompeo: “Extensive evidence” indicates that the CCP virus pandemic originated in a laboratory in Wuhan

Voice of America News, 4th May: US Secretary of State Pompeo said on Sunday that there is substantial evidence that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, not a nearby market. But he declined the virus was released intentionally.

4.Russia’s new CCP Virus case surges Moscow medical system may be overwhelmed

Russia announced Sunday (3rd of May ) that there were 10633 new cases of  CCP Virus (Covid-19 or Wuhan Pneumonia)infections, of which more than half were diagnosed in Moscowthe capital city. People began to worry about whether Moscow’s medical system would be overwhelmed. But Russian epidemiological experts said that the surge of confirmed cases reflects an increase in testing, and the spread of the disease has not increased.

5.Taiwan diplomatic relations countries asked WHO to let Taiwan participate in the WHA

Taiwan diplomatic relations countries such as Honduras directly submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedrosto allow Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan said on Sunday (3rd of May ) that it would like to express its sincere gratitude and respect for the moral courage and precious friendship shown by these countries to stand up against improper political pressure.

6.US-British joint military exercise to stop Russia’s Arctic Ocean Ambition

According to the British Express, the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Kent and its Merlin helicopter will conduct military exercises with the US military in the Arctic Circle to demonstrate the military strength of the British and American Allied forces in the northern Atlantic.

Participants in this exercise included: USS Donald Cook and USS Porter, a nuclear submarine, a support ship, and a long-range maritime patrol aircraft.

Kent Commander Matt Sykes said that the exercise was very challenging for the Kent, and the ship also made good preparations for it, and said that the Kent ’s military exercises in the Arctic Ocean showed the British Commitment to protecting the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Lieutenant Georgia Harding, the chief battle officer of Kent ’s underwater operations, said the exercise will be the culmination of this year ’s high-intensity anti-submarine warfare training. “The water temperature in the Arctic Ocean does not exceed 4 degrees Celsius. The seawater temperature, salinity and various temperature layers are affecting the submarine’s sonar effect.”

Analysts said that as global warming intensified, the ice and snow continued to melt in the Arctic Ocean area throughout the year. Scanning found that the seabed of the area contains a lot of natural gas and oil. , Regarded by the international community as the Northern Hemisphere of the Mediterranean, as the largest country along the Arctic coast, Russia has always hoped that the Arctic can be used as its own and become its own resource strategic base. However, the US-British joint military exercise conveyed a message that Western countries can not allowed Russia’s ambitions in the area.

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