Global Highlights 02/05/2020


1. Russian Prime Minister Quarantine and Isolate
    Two Ministerial Officials Retransmit Diagnosis

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced on April 30 that he was diagnosed with
CCP Virus. President Putin has designated the first deputy prime minister, Belousov, as
acting prime minister. On the 1st of May, the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Constructionand Housing also confirmed the diagnosis CCP virus.

2.Trump is confident they knew the source of the CCP virus

US President Trump said on April 30 that he has seen strong evidence that the CCP virus came from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, but he did not give detailed information.

3.Evidence shows that the CCP instructed overseas Chinese to buy masks

More and more evidence shows that before the CCP virus outbreak, the CCP government began to buy personal protective products around the world. As a result of the global epidemic, every country are seriously lacking of personal protection equipment and materials.

4.Kim Jong-un appeared on 1st May

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has disappeared for 20 days recently, and rumours about his critical illness have been heated up and causing a lot of speculation. Kim Jong-un appeared on 1st of May on the opening ceremony of a manufacture. North Korean media publish his photo later on the day.

5.The United States prohibits federal pension funds from investing in China

US President Trump will quickly tighten and control the federal pension fund, he has instructed agencies to prevent the expansion of its investment portfolio in the second half year, including investment in entities controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. These entities and the CCP intelligence agencies have close ties. 

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