Global Highlights 03/05/2020


1.Singapore relaxes Circuit Breaker Industries will resume operations from 5 May

Singapore ’s strict epidemic prevention made community infection cases slowed down. Therefore, Singapore govement decided to let some industries including Chinese medicine clinic such as acupuncture services resume operations from 5th May. Others such as food business, bakery, laundry, hairdresser are resumed on 12th of May.

Residents living in private apartments can walk and run in the public space within the residential area from the 5th, but the gym and swimming pool continue to be closed. Students who participated in the National Examination can also return to school in small batches starting from the 19th of May.

2.U.S. considers banning Chinese science and engineering students from studying in the U.S.

Tom Cotton, a US Republican senator who has  criticized the Chinese regime for long time, recently issued a proposal to ban Chinese students from pursuing science and technology majors in American universities. He said: Chinese students whose travel has been blocked due to the epidemic may face more visa obstacles in the future. Many Chinese students do not agree with American value as they have b,een educated by the CCP for a long time, they just use American democracy and freedom for their own benefits. At a critical moment, they will be manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party to steal US intellectual property, and even become part of anti-American forces.

3. Outbreak in a meat factory in Melbourne  8 employees confirmed with Covid-19

According to Channel 9, Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said on 2nd May that eight staff members of a meat processing plant in Melbourne were diagnosed with new Covid-19 (Wuhan pneumonia). She refused to disclose the name of the company and did not want to provide further details about its location, only said that the factory was closed and all employees were being tested during the cleaning process.

4. “Bat Woman” Shi Zhengli denies defection

After the outbreak of the CCP Virus” (Covid-19, Wuhan Pneumonia), Shi Zhengli, an expert from the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, who has specialized in researching bats carrying coronavirus for more than 15 years, has been continuously questioned about the leaking of the virus. Shi Zhengli posted on WeChat on 2nd of May denying rumors that she had defected abroad.

Recently, there  was a report said  that Shi Zhengli escaped to Europe with his family and carrying nearly 1,000 secret files,  and had applied to the US Embassy for asylum in France.

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