Airport employee brings travelers ‘positive vibes’ by dancing on the tarmac


“If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good.”

Airplane travel can be a long and tedious process. Walking through a crowded airport, searching for your gate, waiting for your flight, and settling into an uncomfortable seat can create stress and put a damper on your day.

But Kyran Ashford, tarmac worker at Greater Rochester International Airport in New York, is single-handedly adding joy to people’s travel days—one dance move at a time.

Ashford is all about spreading positive vibes by giving his travelers a free show while he directs planes. This is nothing new for Ashford, as he has also been heard rapping through boarding procedure behind an airport desk.

During one of his daily dances, country singer Terry McBride captured it on video and posted it on Facebook.

Ashford is seen moving his feet and swinging his arms and waving his orange batons while directing the plane.

“So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville,” McBride wrote in the caption to the video. “This guy rocks!”

Ashford says he always tries to make everyone’s day a little better.

According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Ashford makes it a habit to sing and dance for passengers.

He said he aims to give at least one passenger “30 seconds of positive vibes” before they get on the plane. “You don’t know why these people are flying out … they could be going to a funeral,” he said.

“If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good,” Ashford said. “I did my job.”

“Wherever you are in life, just grab a positive message out of it … It doesn’t matter where you’re working. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re in control of your day. That’s the mindset I have working out there.”

“Whatever I can do to turn my day around will show others they can turn their day around as well and keep a smile on your face.”

Written by Nashai Catlett


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