Little girl’s classmate calls her ‘ugly’—but her sassy response has mom chuckling off-camera


Kids can be harsh. Whether it’s the fact that they haven’t developed the social cues to know when to hold their tongue, or that they easily upset each other, the brutal honesty frequently results in bruised feelings.

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” adults tell children. Here’s a case of a little boy who didn’t listen.

Fortunately, his target knew just how to handle herself. Kids at that age don’t craft the most eloquent insults, but they cut just the same.

In 2015, when she was only 4 years old, Cici was already finding herself on the receiving end of some verbal bullying.

While she was at school, one of her classmates called Cici “ugly.” As her mother records her telling the story, she takes a long pause before uttering the offending word.

(Miss Green/Youtube/Screenshot)

“What happened in school today?” the mother of the sassy 4-year-old asks.

“A little boy said I looked… ugly.”

As Cici gathers the strength to say the word, she kicks her legs and purses her lips repeatedly. “Ugly,” she says, a hint of an apology in her intonation.

As her mother keeps the camera fixed on her, she appears to be clamming up.

“And what did you tell them?” her mother asks.

“I said… I said… ” Cici begins to speak several times before trailing off. Then suddenly, the rest of the story comes rattling off her tongue with surgical precision.

“I didn’t come here to make fashion statement! I’m here to learn, not to look pretty!” Cici said in response to the harsh, unwanted criticism.

(Miss Green/Youtube/Screenshot)

Waving her arms and shaking her neck as she goes, Cici tells her mother the rest of the story with enthusiasm.

Her mother is obviously proud, and with good reason. Most children would lash out aggressively, or cry, or a combination of both. But not sassy Cici, who delivered a composed retort.

But the bully didn’t stop there. Rather than take the hint and move along, he kept picking on her.

“You look bad,” the little boy told her.

There was no pause for indignation; Cici kept the train moving. She had her response ready to go, and she ended the bullying on her own terms.

In response to her bully saying she “looked bad,” Cici asked him if he’d “looked in a mirror lately.” Then she told him, “Bye bye! See you later! You’re making me mad!”

(Miss Green/Youtube/Screenshot)

Throughout the video you can hear Cici’s mother chuckling off-camera. Her daughter’s undeniable charisma plays a part in this, but it sounds as though it’s out of pride more than anything.

Her young daughter was faced with a difficult situation, but she handled it as well as could be expected, and walked away.

Bullying continues to be a problem with kids around the country. Sadly, most fail to stick up for themselves and become pariahs within their own age group.

Cici handled her bully the right way. She addressed him head on, and walked away before things escalated. It’s no wonder her mother is so proud!

Written by Michael Napoles

From: The Epoch Times

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