If you spend hours sitting, you need to know about these health consequences


Most people spend their entire work day sitting at a desk, even when we’re at home most of us sit in front of a computer or a TV. The human body is built for movement, our bodies have over 360 joints and 700 skeletal muscles. In fact, our blood circulation depends on movement. Although sitting can be a relaxing break in a busy day, what can sitting too much do to your body?

The health risks are pretty shocking. The study showed that sitting for 3 hours straight will lower artery dilation by 33% and damage blood vessels. After 24 hours of sitting, the body’s ability to use insulin to absorb sugar drops 40%, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Sitting with a curved back can result in chronic back pain. This posture puts pressure on your spine and can cause premature degeneration of spinal discs. It also strains your neck and shoulder muscles.

The enzymes that break down fats & sugars in your body plunge and muscle fibers gradually break down due to inactivity. This slows down the pumping of blood to your heart. Excessive sitting also lowers blood circulation in your legs, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Sitting compresses abdominal contents, this can slow down digestion and lead to cramping or bloating.

Despite these mounting problems, it’s not too late. Practice straightening up your back when you are sitting. Insert a stretch routine in the middle of the day. Even better, set a reminder to stand for a minute every half an hour.

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