Global Highlights 28/04/2020


Navarro pointed out the CCP has launched a biochemical war, exposing 4 of Beijing’s insidious tactics

In an interview with U.S. media on Monday, White House trade adviser Navarro revealed that China has provided the U.S. with a large number of flawed antibody tests for coronavirus. He also criticized the Party has “produced” the virus first, then concealed its outbreak until the virus spreads to the whole world. They swept the personal protective equipment of various countries at the beginning, selling protective equipment of poor quality to those countries for profit afterwards. The whole operation has no difference from a biochemical war.

He said the CCP could have stopped the virus before it lost control in Wuhan, but they cover this up for 6 weeks. “They sowed the seeds of virus all over the world, thousands of Chinese flew to Milan, New York and elsewhere, they infected the earth.”

He also pointed out that the Party has swept the world’s personal protective equipment during their cover-up. When the virus lost control in other countries, they sold their chinese-made inferior protective equipment at high prices for profit. “This is a war, a war provoked by the Chinese Communist Party. ” he said bluntly.

Officials from Congress, parliament and the White House keep spoking out, pointing out that the party is waging a silent war. When more Americans wake up and find out the truth, the substantial blow towards the Chinese Communist Party will begin!

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