Ancient town in Southern China Takes Centre Stage after being Unnoticed for a Decade

With the screening of the hit TV series “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” an ancient town has being brought to limelight.

Nestled between Suzhou and Hangzhou, a small town in Jiangnan has remained obscure for ten years until now.

The classy, long- lived architecture are all presented in the TV series to illustrate the charm and rich historical background of the town.

This is HuZhou, a well-preserved relic from Ming Dynasty, where stories and tales have been captured and carried on for centuries.

Be There, Be Part Of That Misty Rain

Even in late autumn when the leaves have fallen and the trees are left bare, the small township, Nanxun, remains a popular attraction for tourists.

Veiled in misty rain and chilled by the autumn air, Nanxun is a traditional Chinese painting.

The symmetrical, brick building fronts along the river, the combination of both Western and Chinese styles in architecture and the sweeping curvature of temple rooftops all reveal the age and knowledge within the culture- rich Nanxun.

If you take a step closer towards the township, you will notice the details.

You might come across a man washing his shirt in a still, calm, mirror-lake; You might see an orderly row of flats with grey tiles and white walls flanking the river, in front of the backdrop of the clear, blue sky.

If you choose to take a stroll down an alleyway in the town centre, you will find yourself sipping tea in a quiet tea house, observing the lifestyle of locals passing by.

At night, you can go for a relaxing walk around town to recover from the burdens and stresses from mundane daily routines, you will find a serene river illuminated by the reflections of houses bathed in warm, orange lights.

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To Be Continued


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