Wen Pinrong’s Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine (Part I)

Dr. Wen Pinrong's fourth book is 'Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine

Chinese medicine doctor Wen Pinrong discusses how people become ill due to emotional resistance.

After the publication of the first three books of Chinese medicine, which sold out and received great reviews, Dr. Wen Pinrong’s fourth book, Clear Wisdom of the Principals of Medicine: Emotion, Sense, the Law, and Heaven, was just released one year later. This latest book fuses years of experience in diagnosis, treatment, painstaking research, and cultivation experience. The new book records many medical cases and foods. It clarifies the cause of illness, ways of self-healing and therapies, and provides valuable insights on morality upgrade following heaven’s path, and enlightenment of one’s true nature.

On reviewing the causes of illness, Dr. Wen Pinrong, who treats a high volume of outpatients, said resolutely: “The data on outpatients found that 80 percent of patients have inharmonious family lives, and out of these, 90 percent have toxic relationships between husbands and wives.

Emotional resistance causes illness

Dr. Wen said: “This book is about emotion, sense, the law, and heaven. Each of us has feelings. People get sick usually due to emotional resistance. If you are a human, you have to have emotions. No one can live without them. The more you want to get rid of emotions, the more chaotic they become. People cannot find themselves and it impacts on their health. Our thoughts are linked to our feelings, whether we like it or not. We are all immersed in emotion.”

In the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, it says: “When the heart is clear, the body is safe.” It also says: “When the mind is not clear, the twelve organs will be in danger, and the path will be closed. The body will be severely harmed.” The human mind is the master of emotions and the body. When a person is trapped in many emotions and desires and lost in various feelings and unable to get out of them, sickness will follow.

The Yellow Emperor. (Image: wikimedia / CC0 1.0)

Dr. Wen explained that people are frustrated by their feelings, mostly due to overly-complicated lives and conflicts in interpersonal relationships. Many are not able to handle a simple and straightforward lifestyle and cope with the feelings of loneliness and unhappiness. Long-term anger, ecstasy, sorrow, worry, fear, and other emotions mean it is impossible to balance the body, leading to disturbances of the internal organs, which eventually causes diseases. She said: “One of the top three diseases in the 21st century is depression, second to cancer. In fact, we also found that 90 percent of cancers are caused by mental depression. It is long-term hatred which cannot be released or modified. Women are most likely to get breast cancer or uterine fibroids; this is the real situation. Regardless of the theory of Western medicine, this is what we see.”

All sickness is caused by the mind; conversely, the mind can also cure diseases. Dr. Wen explained that the Chinese character for emotion is composed of the elements for the heart and the color green. Green is symbolic of wood, corresponding to the liver of the five internal organs. When someone is moody and depressed, visiting nature and seeing green trees on the mountains will help lift the mood. Positive emotion is part of the treatment process, as a special medicine for the patient. Whether it is emotions generated by family or friendship, sometimes it is better than medicine.

Dr. Wen said: “I found out that we can tell if a patient will recover quickly or not by who comes with the patient. Sometimes, if you look at their interactions, you know where the cause lies. Sometimes, the patient talks about a lot of reasons and causes of illness, surrounded by layers. I said that it is not your illness at all, because you have hate in your heart, so it cannot be cured. When family members are on good terms or a child comes from a harmonious family background, they recover faster.”

Take care of your moods and take care of your body

Dr. Wen explained how anger first hurts the liver meridian. Liver stagnation affects eye health, then travels to the stomach and intestines, causing appetite or gastrointestinal discomfort, followed by changes in bowel movements and when passing urine. Issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and difficulty of micturition appear. She said: “Emotions are very hurtful.”

Emotional confusion means one can’t find peace to rest physically and mentally. If one can clear a person’s knots at the roots, this person will suddenly become more open-minded and the disease will be cured without medicine. One of the medical cases in Dr. Wen’s new book is about a wealthy woman who did not need to work. She suffered from an eye disease that was hard to cure due to years of grief with her mother-in-law. After listening to Dr. Wen’s words, she seemed to have some enlightenment, and the condition of her eyes also improved. Dr. Wen said: “For some patients, I just listened to what was on their mind and rationalized their moods. Once they came to their senses, they would see reason peacefully.”

If one can clear a person’s knots at the roots, this person will suddenly become more open-minded and the disease will be cured without medicine. (Image: Pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Dr. Wen modestly said that patients can cure their sickness themselves. The human body has many self-repair mechanisms. Chinese medicine adjusts the patient’s own repair mechanism: “You have the ability. I don’t need to do anything extra. I just adjust some of your systems that were disconnected or loose. Once you recover from that, you can adjust yourself. Usually, once we adjust for them, the patients recover. Patients heal themselves.”

She went on to say: “Let the patients take this responsibility. I tell them that they are responsible for the sickness. You can’t let the doctor be responsible. So I will give them homework, such as pressing acupuncture points every day, what time to sleep, what to eat, what not to eat, and what type of exercises to do. This is the effect of treatment. So once their mood is organized, the disease will be half cured. Then I will treat the sickness.”

Dr. Wen said that although some of the traumatic conditions are not caused by emotions; if the patient is in a good mood, the injury will recover faster. This can even be applied to infectious diseases because disease will bully the weak and create fear in the strong. The disease is attracted to someone when their spirit is down; it attached itself to him. Why do some people get infected in the same office while others do not? If people eat together, some might have an upset stomach while others do not. It must be because the patient has gaps. Bacteria can enter the gaps. An optimistic, peaceful, and mentally strong person is resilient with a strong immunity to infection and also recovers quickly if he is accidentally injured.

The Buddha’s light rectifies the medicine principals, let nature takes its course

Then, what kind of “reason” should be used to settle and ease patients’ emotions and restore health? Dr. Wen said: “Let nature takes its course.”

Nature refers to the principles that the universe is following. Because the human body comes from the universe, it must resonate harmoniously with the universe. This view is very different from Western medicine. Western medicine understands the human body from a material level and from the perspective of anatomy, and sees human beings as earthy people. Chinese medicine sees human beings at the soul and spiritual level, and the human body is viewed from the perspective of the universe. It is a “cosmic person.” Dr. Wen explained: “Chinese medicine believes that human beings have a soul, spirit, will, and ambition. This system inherits the frequency resonance of the universe and connects to organs through the meridians. When people get sick, they can lose the resonance frequency with the universe. So we must resonate with the heaven above and go with the flow. Let it go and don’t force it.”

So how do you “go with the flow”? For example, let go of dissatisfaction with marriage and emotion; do not force each other. Lifestyle should try to resonate with nature. Get up at sunrise and go to bed at sunset. Eat fresh fruits instead of taking vitamin C tablets. Eat whole foods rather than refined, processed food. Drink plenty of water and avoid overeating.

Because the human body comes from the universe, it must resonate harmoniously with the universe. (Image: ai3310X via Compfight cc)

Dr. Wen said: “We use air conditioning, which is not natural. It is very much against nature that we are afraid of the sun. It is also very unnatural to do sports indoors because we need to step on the earth and touch the atmosphere with our head to resonate with nature. In the gym, the energy only flows under the skin and the muscles. It will not reach the organs and the bones. You have to do sports outside to have such results. You should also follow the time for exercises. Do not run out at dark. There is an exchange of Yin and Yang in the universe and out of the body. After the energy exchange at night, do not go outside, especially for seniors.”

Dr. Wen cited a construction company boss as an example. He was on a light, healthy diet. He also exercised frequently. Unexpectedly, he had a stroke. When asked when he did exercises, he said he went out at 4 a.m. and at night. Dr. Wen said: “This is a violation of nature. The Yang energy was vented out. At night, the Yang energy should go into Yin. If one goes out to do a workout, then the Yang energy is released.”

In addition to violating the operation of heaven, Dr. Wen observed that people are separated from nature and gradually lose themselves. The collective unconsciousness is one of the reasons. Within the state of being lost, it is easy to be manipulated by fear. Dr. Wen said: “For example, our lives were very good. Once the doctor diagnoses high blood pressure, you will take medicine for life. In fact, blood pressure changes from morning to night. However, medical tests are strictly limited from blood sugar to various health indexes, so that you produce fear. We are manipulated and brainwashed. This is the collective unconscious. It is also the same as using a mobile phone. It is a habit to reach for your smartphone when you are free. Everyone is controlled unconsciously.”

Dr. Wen said that according to the normal life expectancy, humans can live over 30,000 days if one lives to be 80 years old. Take out one-third for sleep and one-third for work, and one can use over 10,000 days freely. Most people are not conscious. There might be only several hundred days over a lifetime that people truly have clear thinking. She said: “We can’t find the answer to life. We don’t know what to do in the world. We don’t know where to go. People are very lazy. I do what you tell me to do. I do not want to use my brain. Although the information is very developed now, there is a lot of fake news. This is our misfortune. Since we cannot control the external environment, we should step back and adjust our mood first. We can at least ask ourselves not to live in fear. This is a positive practice.”

Written by Chen Bainian and edited by Helen Chantry ,From Vision Times

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