“When the Sino-US war breaks out, how much will you donate to the motherland?” Chinese netizens provide enlightening answers

People's Liberation Army soldiers (Source: China Daily / Reuters)
People's Liberation Army soldiers (Source: China Daily / Reuters)


As the Sino-US trade war escalated, a military program of the mainland portal NetEase uploaded a video asking viewers, “When the Sino-US war breaks out, how much will you donate to the motherland?”

The response from Chinese netizens show that China may have lost its people’s hearts.

The title of this video is “When the Sino-US war breaks out, how much will you donate to the motherland?”

While the video began by blaming the war on the United States, it pointed out that historically, after each war the US economy not only survives, but thrives. According to the video, this is because “every time the United States goes to war, Americans enthusiastically donate to the cause”, and even women actively participate in the army. After the war, the country provides veterans with good welfare and ensure that they live a good life.


On the other hand, while the Chinese regime (CCP) has developed aircraft carriers and the Dongfeng missile, it is unclear whether China’s vast population will drive or hinder the decision making of the Chinese-state. This is because once the aircraft carrier is activated, it will require huge amounts of continuous funding. And should there come a time where the state is unable to make ends meet, will the Chinese people donate their personal savings and assets like the Americans do?

NetEase's video sparks a series of discussions. (Source: NetEase)
NetEase’s video sparks a series of discussions. (Source: NetEase)

The video provides a definitive and absolute answer to its own question – “yes”- and cites the example of how the Chinese have donated personal resources during the Sino-Japanese War. However, times are different now. The Chinese have been subjected to the melamine milk scandal, expired vaccines, incidents of child abuse, financial frauds and scams on the P2P lending platform. With this, many have awakened and lost faith in consumerism and company images in China as reflected in the comments to the video.


Here are some comments selected by the editors of the Digital Age of China from the video news:

NetEase Jiangxi Province Fuzhou User: The motherland is so rich, and you still need me to donate? The corrupt officials make hundreds of millions without moving, and I cannot even save enough for a house deposit.

Netease Jiangsu Province Fuzhou User: Who are we fighting? What are we fighting for? For high house prices, high medical fees, high education costs, or is it for the discriminating pension schemes?

Note: Refers to the difference in pension schemes between ordinary citizens and state officials who receive governmental funds upon retirement while the former receive limited or no support from the state.

Jiangsu Yangzhou user: Definitely donate $10,000 USD to the United States, as for the others, let those special classes, Fuerdai (second generation of the rich) do it, we peasants have no opinion.

Note: Fuerdai refers to the children of the nouveau riche in China, often used with a derogatory meaning.

Sichuan user: If China wins the war, house prices will double, wages will halve; if China loses, house prices will drop by 80%, wages will double. To donate or not to donate, you decide!

Beijing user: I can’t even pay my mortgage and you want me to donate money to you?


Hebei user: When it’s time to enjoy benefits from the state I am not qualified. When it’s time to donate to the state i am even less qualified.

Comments from other users:


“Donating to the right cause is supporting justice, donating to the wrong cause is to help someone commit a crime. Choose carefully who you donate to. If you know English please take me with you.”


“Donate – as if. Please let this day come sooner.”

“I am sending updates to the American army!”

“Even if I have to sell everything, I will donate $1000 to America.”

“I will donate 10 grams of gold to the teacher of Justice (United States)”


“The outcome of war will have implications on the average citizen. All winnings will be yours (referring to the Chinese government), all losses will be ours.”

“We are not umbrellas. You take us out in the rainy days, and throw us in the corner on sunny days. When the war breaks out those who enjoy special benefits from state agencies should lead the front lines.”

Note: Those who receive benefits in China usually have connections with the authorities, and are subjected to higher pay than the average citizen.

“We can’t do the dirty work of whoever is in charge at the time!”

“Seeing that everyone understands the situation I am relieved.”

The responses shows that the CCP’s totalitarian government has lost the faith of the Chinese people. After the toxic vaccine incident earlier this year, a large number of Chinese people posted messages to the official Weibo account of the US Embassy in China, calling for US interference.

A netizen named Maizu G10 wrote: “When are you coming in? I will lead you.”


For a long time, the CCP has deliberately promoted the confusing image that the Chinese Communist regime portrays China. For example, in this Sino-US trade war, the CCP once again likened it to the “war of national fate” and asked everyone to “bear the hardships together.” In fact, the CCP as a ruling party and China as a country are two completely different concepts.


Commentator Zhou Xiaohui once wrote that the trade war is not a “war of national war” for China, but a “war of the dead party.” The CCP also acknowledges that the core of the trade war is to force the Chinese economy to carry out “structural reforms” and change China’s development path.


Zhou Xiaohui believes if China follows this path, the Chinese people will gain enormous benefits. They will not only enjoy lower-priced imported goods and medicines, but also be able to communicate freely with the rest of the world. In welcoming a different type of future, China’s fate as a nation will also naturally change.


But for the CCP, following this path is akin to willing self-destruction. Therefore, the CCP’s resolute fight against the United States is not for China and the well-being of the Chinese people, but for defending its own regime and interest groups. The CCP has long lost the support of the Chinese people, and is daydreaming thinking that the people will stand beside it during “party difficulties.”

A netizen commented: “Please Trump, wipe out the most evil regime on the planet quickly ! This bandit has held more than one billion people as slaves and hostages, and it has brought too many disasters to this land and its people.” Some netizens likened the comments to “the end of the Qing Dynasty.”

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