‘How to be a successful home-wrecker’ — a course publicly offered in mainland China


Traditionally, the word mistress connotates shame. A relationship with “the other woman” or “little three,” a direct translation from Chinese, is an unorthodox one. We associate it with an image of a young woman with a married man. Yet mistresses have become an emerging trend in China.

Recently, a “mistress training course” has been advertised on Facebook, with various branches including Beijing and Shanghai.

The slogan ‘There is no family that can’t be wrecked” targets young women who plan to get the most out of the relationship and eventually convince husbands to break up with their wives.  This training comes with an expensive cost of 29,800 yuan(NZ$6575). Though the organisers claim to have full attendance for each class.

Many Facebook users have responded in shock to the blunt, unethical, open manner in which the training course is being advertised.

“Some Chinese people are really crazy!”

“Unbelievable! This kind of course even exists!”

“There might be an advanced course in the future—teaching new home wreckers to beat the previous ones.”

“Why bother learning such a course? Couples break up easily these days. Mistresses, just give them a bit more time.”

“All I can see is a Mistress-Home Wrecker Vicious Cycle forming…”

“What is wrong with society today? Where have moral standards gone?”

From: world.nzlife.nz

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