Bride-to-be with cystic fibrosis is denied a lung transplant — plans dream wedding in 6 days

(Instagram/ Caleigh Sarah Haber)

For the last nine years, Caleigh Haber, from California, has been in and out of the hospital fighting a progressive, genetic lung disease called cystic fibrosis.

In 2015, Haber had a successful double lung transplant, but her body later rejected the organs, causing her body to struggle for every breath. She was then repeatedly denied approval for a second lung transplant, as doctors feared she would likely not survive the surgery.

Rather than let the news tear their spirits down, Haber and her fiancé decided to make the most of the time they had left.

“Neither of us wanted to waste a day alive not being all-in with one another,” Haber told KTVU.

After doctors denied a lung transplant, Haber and her fiancé decided to get married.

In just one week, local businesses, family, and friends showered Haber and her fiancé Bryan with donations to help cover food for the wedding, the venue, and provide a free wedding dress.

“The most treasured gifts are the wonderful moments we create with the people we love. They become priceless memories decorating our lives,” Haber wrote on her Instagram page.

The couple were able to plan their dream wedding in just six days.

The couple tied the knot on October 28, and it was everything Haber had hoped for.

“I believe everything in life is meant to be and everything in life has built up to these moments!” she said.

The two 27-year-olds believes their love for each other will help get them through the tough days ahead.

“I will never stop fighting to stay alive because I want to continue to share memories with you,” said Haber.

The couple created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for a honeymoon trip to Hawaii and to help pay for Haber’s expensive medical bills.

Haber’s new husband said their focus on the positive aspects of life will keep them happy.

“I fell in love with Caleigh because she appreciates everything about life more than anyone, and crappy things happen to her every day,” Bryan told the Columbus Dispatch. “If we exhaust all options, we will be happy we tried, but will focus on the quality of life with the time we have left.”

Written by Nashai Catlett

From The Epoch Times

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