9-Year-Old Opens Coffee Shop to Help People With Disabilities


A 9-year-old boy in North Carolina who has been running a pop-up style coffee business has opened his first storefront and he has hired students with special needs to work behind the counter.

Camden Myers suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused cognitive and physical delays, which makes it difficult for him to do simple tasks like tying shoes or holding a pencil.

As he was growing up, the condition hit his self-esteem and his family started a pop-up style coffee business to give Camden a hobby where he could prove himself and learn things like dealing with people and math.

“To our surprise, Cam enjoyed it so much that occasionally turned into serving coffee every weekend and Cam’s Coffee Creation was born,” states the business’s website.

“One day while serving coffee to customers, Cam looked up at his mom and said, ‘Mommy, I want to help people like me.’ How could we say no to such a selfless request? Thus, our goal is to help make his vision of a sustainable business that employs others with special needs a reality. We seek your partnership in this journey of self-determination.”

The storefront location opened inside the Green Tree Community Center at 930 S. Broad Street in Winston-Salem in Wednesday, March 14, Fox 8 reported.

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Originally from The Epoch Times, written by Petr Svab

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