US Made COVID-19 Quick Test Versus Inferior Products Made in China


The outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19) in the world has reached more than 2 million people. How to quickly diagnose and cut off the spread of the outbreak is the top priority for the governments of all countries. However, the CCP has repeatedly exported  large numbers of inferior quality epidemic prevention products to the international community.

The Netherlands announced the recall of hundreds of thousands of sub-standared masks made in China. The Philippines, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Malaysia and many other countries also pointed out that the error rate of the rapid test kits made in China is too high.

Czech experts found that the 180,000 sets of rapid detection kits purchased from a Chinese company had an error rate of up to 80% and could not be used at all.

On the 2nd of April, Australian authorities seized low-quality masks and protective clothing imported from China. With a total market value of 22 million yuan.

Spain purchased 640,000 sets of CCP virus rapid test kits from Shenzhen, China, but found that the accuracy rate was only 30%.

Some CCP experts even made it clear on CCTV that the accuracy rate of nucleic acid detection kits used by the Chinese authorities is only 30% -50%.

The technology giant, the United States, took the lead in breaking their deadlock on relying on China. On March 27th, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Abbott Laboratories ’rapid COVID-19 test, which can be used in doctor ’s offices, emergency care centers, and small hospitals. It does not require complicated testing laboratories and gives a positive result in just five minutes.

The principle of this test is to use chemical substances to smash the virus’s shell and make it overflow its genetic material in the form of RNA. Then, adding a reagent to produce a chemical reaction amplifying the genetic material, so the special molecules in the test solution can find the virus. If the patient’s sample contains a high concentration of virus, the detector can reach a positive diagnostic value in just five minutes. The complete test takes 15 minutes. Even for samples with a small amount of virus, the molecular reaction will continues to try to find as many traces of the virus as possible, with both high sensitivity and accuracy.

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This test method has been widely used in the United States. It also heralds a huge change in the future of healthcare methods. It is of great significance to apply to quickly test a  large population and stop the transmisdion of Wuhan Virus.

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