Kim Jong-un is in critical condition, where does North Korea go?

Kim Jong-un (MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP via Getty Images)

On April 15, Kim Jong-un did not show up during the “Sun Festival” event. This is the most important annual festival in North Korea. Daily North Korea (Daily NK), a Seoul-based North Korean defector website, quoted anonymous sources as saying that since August last year, Kim Jong-un has been suffering from cardiovascular problems.

Next, the headlines that caught the eye of the American media appeared: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was critically ill after undergoing a heart operation.

If Kim Jong Un really has an accident, North Korea’s successor is not clear. Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jung, appears to be the obvious candidate. She comes from the authentic “Baitou Mountain Lineage” and has recently made high-profile appearances alone. But can it succeed?

In any case, the danger of Kim Jong-un put North Korea, a long-closed totalitarian regime, at risk of disintegration. This will cause drastic changes in the situation in Northeast Asia and the world.

The people of North Korea have long been under the dictatorship of the Jin family. They are under oppression and have no democracy, freedom, human rights, and many people have the desire to overthrow the rule. However, under the confusion of lies, many people have been brainwashed, their thinking has changed, and they are even grateful to the Jin family. If the political situation changes suddenly, people’s thinking will inevitably be chaotic, and domestic turmoil is inevitable. From the perspective of international power games, China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and even neighboring countries will all react violently to safeguard their own security interests. The most important thing is what kind of political and military means the US President Trump will use to control the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party in every possible way to control Northeast Asian affairs and maintain regional stability.

Regardless of the future direction of North Korea, the historical development has clearly revealed a rule, the ethical will get more support but the unethical not. No country ’s rulers will try to rely on dictatorship, oppression, and deception to rule the people.

By Zezhi Lin нужна карта рассрочки

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