Editorial: There Is A Cure for the Chinese Communist Party Pneumonia—Say No to the CCP

Flags fly at full staff outside the NYSE in New York City on April 9, 2020. (Kena Betancur/Getty Images)


This year, the CCP virus (commonly known as the Wuhan virus or the novel coronavirus) spread rapidly while the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) concealed the real situation in China, causing incalculable losses to the world.

The plague seems to be unpredictable, but the way it spreads indicates the virus has a goal and a purpose: it is seeking out the CCP in order to eliminate it and the factors associated with it.

So far, the CCP virus has spread to most countries in the world, with more than 2.6 million people infected and 205,000 dead—assuming one takes at face value the official Chinese death report of 4,642. In fact, many Chinese believe the real death toll is at least ten times the published numbers.

Facing a huge loss of lives and economic devastation, the governments and peoples of various countries urgently need to reflect on the relationship between the plague and the Communist Party, and what individuals and countries should do to avoid the epidemic and to save themselves.

The Communist Party’s dark history is intertwined with war, famine, plague, and death. The Epoch Times editorial series “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” points out that “the essence of communism is an evil specter” whose ultimate goal is to destroy mankind. The CCP is the last representative of the evil specter of communism in the world.

The CCP ’s 70-year tyranny has killed 80 million Chinese people and destroyed traditional Chinese culture and morality. In the past 30 years, from the Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-democratic students in 1989, to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which began in 1999, to the current suppression and bullying of Chinese people on a larger scale, the CCP’s violence and lies have brought catastrophes to China and the world.

For nearly 40 years, the CCP has used the bait of economic incentives to infiltrate and corrupt other countries. Under the cover of globalization, Confucius Institutes, and the “Belt and Road” initiatives, and through various channels such as politics, economy, culture, education, science and technology, and so on, the CCP has sought to spread the communist ideology, luring people away from the path set by God and to betray God. It thus achieves its ultimate goal of destroying people.

When those countries and regions that are lured by economic interests increased their engagement with the CCP and endorsed it, they did not know that bad fortune tagged along. The path of the CCP virus as it has spread around the world goes through the countries, cities, organizations, and individuals that are closely related to the CCP.

New York City the Hotspot

As of April 23, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University statistics website, there were more than 840,000 confirmed cases and more than 40,000 deaths in the United States. The number of confirmed cases in New York State accounts for one-third of the national total, and the number of deaths accounts for nearly half.

Ever since President Nixon ’s visit to China in 1972, the United States has provided critical support to the CCP in various forms in the fields of politics, military affairs, diplomacy, economics, finance, education, and science and technology. Later, when the United States helped China to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO),  it gave the CCP access to the international community and caused huge amounts of Western wealth to be transferred to China, making China the “world’s factory.”

American political circles and think tanks believe that the United States has built China up and enriched the CCP. The reevaluation of what stance to take toward the CCP and subsequent policy changes have only happened in the last few years.

Without the help of the United States, and without the support of so many multinational companies, high-tech giants, and large financial groups, the CCP could not quickly have developed from a regime on the verge of economic collapse to an emerging hegemon capable of challenging the United States.

As the world’s number one metropolis, New York City is the global center for the economy, finance, commerce, and media. It also has a great influence on global politics, education, and entertainment. It is also the location of the United Nations headquarters. In view of its special status and influence, the city of New York has played a major role in helping the CCP to achieve its agendas and advance its interests.

Wall Street, which represents American financial capital, has “transfused blood” to the CCP for many years and has become the behind the curtains financier helping the Chinese Communist regime prolong its life.

By infiltrating New York’s economy, finance, commerce, media, culture, education, Chinese-American community, and other fields, the CCP has channeled wealth and technology back to China. While exporting its ideology and abuse of human rights to the world, it has attempted to seize world leadership and challenge the United States.

These factors have made New York a major target of attack by the CCP virus.

Devastating Situation in Iran

The CCP considers Iran an intimate comrade-in-arms. While the official epidemic figures from Iran are not as high as some other Western countries, analysts believe Iran’s figures of confirmed cases and death toll must have been greatly underreported. Similar to the CCP, Iran is an authoritarian regime that has likely concealed the true scale in an attempt to “maintain social order.”

Many high-ranking Iranian officials have been infected and many have died as a result, including Iran’s first Vice President and the deputy health minister.

The CCP has been supporting Iran for years, offering economic aid and weapons. It has even provided key nuclear weapon technology to Iran in order to threaten and constrain democratic countries.

In the past ten years, the CCP also made huge investments in Iran, becoming Iran’s largest trading partner. The CCP openly violated sanctions on Iran and imported a large amount of oil from it.

For the Belt and Road Initiative, which the CCP launched in 2013 to export communist hegemony, Iran is an important geographical and strategic hub from which the CCP can penetrate Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Countries in Europe

Besides China and Iran, of states with higher numbers of cases (5,000 or more), Spain has the highest relative number (355 per 100,000 people), where 200,000 people were infected and 20,000 died. Three close relatives of Prime Minister Sanchez and the deputy prime minister of the cabinet have been infected.

The severe epidemic sent a strong warning to Spain that the government’s pro-communist policies have brought misfortune to the country.

Spain was the first EU country to make friendly gestures to the CCP after the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 1989.

Prime Minister Sanchez chose to build closer relationships with the CCP after taking office in 2018. Not only did he re-confirm Spain’s “strategic partnership” with it, but also praised the CCP’s Belt and Road initiative. When the CCP was criticized by various countries for concealing the epidemic, Sanchez still repeatedly expressed support for it.

Italy is the hardest hit area in Europe.

The root cause of its being hit hard by the CCP virus is due to the intimate relationship between the Italian government and the CCP.

Italy is a member of the G7, a developed and democratic country. Despite the opposition of its Western allies, it formed an alliance with the CCP in March 2019 to “strengthen a comprehensive strategic partnership.” Italy is also the first EU country to sign onto the CCP’s Belt and Road initiative.

Italy has 74 sister cities with communist China, including Lombardy, the city with the highest number of infections and deaths, and cities such as Milan, Venice, and Bergamo.

Major European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany are now also caught in the CCP virus. People have suffered huge losses, and even the British prime minister has been infected.

One thing these countries have in common is that they have been “close to” the CCP in recent years. For instance, the CCP wants to use Huawei 5G to infiltrate the world, but Britain, France, and Germany have ignored U.S. warnings and given the company a green light.

The regions with the worst outbreaks in these countries—London, Oise, France, and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany—have also forged friendly relations with the Chinese Communist Party.

When the pandemic hit the world, the experiences of European countries sounded the alarm to the world.

Severity in China’s Neighboring Countries Varies

Compared with European and American countries, the situations in the areas near mainland China more clearly illustrate the relationship between the epidemic and the CCP.

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are all close neighbors of mainland China. The number of people infected in Hong Kong and Taiwan is far less than that of Japan and South Korea. The key difference is their attitudes towards the CCP.

Currently, both Japan and South Korea have more than 10,000 infected people. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, which have closer trade and economic relations with mainland China, the number of confirmed cases is only 1,038 and 429, respectively. Among them, the early cases in Hong Kong were imported from the mainland, and later infected persons include riot police and pro-government personnel. The vast majority of cases in Taiwan are imported from abroad.

Since establishing diplomatic relations with the CCP regime in 1992, South Korea has gradually strengthened its economic and trade relations with the CCP. After the current government came to power, it has moved closer to the CCP and has increased bilateral investment.

Although the relationship between the Japanese government and the CCP is not close, a large number of Japanese companies have invested in China, thereby relying on the CCP and transferring vital resources to it. Japan and the CCP have formed 256 pairs of friendly provincial and municipal relations. Among them, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Aichi Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, and other regions have serious epidemics of the CCP virus.

Although Hong Kong and Taiwan have extremely close economic and trade relations with the mainland, the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan have not been blinded by their financial interests. In 2019, the people of Hong Kong launched large-scale protests against the CCP’s control and even risked their lives to stand up to it.

The brutal suppression of the Hong Kong protests lay bare the true face of the CCP and awakened the Taiwan people. Voting this January for a pro-free world president showed the determination of the people of Taiwan to keep their distance from the CCP. The results of the presidential election saved Taiwan.

In Taiwan today, the people are not quarantined at home, the economy is not suspended, but the number of infections and deaths is among the lowest in the world. The key to Taiwan’s anti-epidemic success lies in its distrust of the CCP and its refusal to blindly follow the WHO, which is being controlled by the CCP.

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan reveals the secret of the success of epidemic prevention and self-help during the CCP virus pandemic—only by rejecting the CCP can we resist the CCP virus!

An Effective Cure for the CCP Virus

Major plagues always come all of a sudden and then at a certain point disappear without a trace. Historical records show they all have a clear target.

The bubonic plague at the end of the Ming Dynasty was a typical example. The transition from Ming to Qing, also known as the Manchu conquest of China, was a decades-long period of battles between the Qing army, established by the Manchu clan in Northeast China, the Ming army, and the Li Zicheng army, a rebel peasant army.

The bubonic plague in this period of time pointed at the Ming army only, leaving the Qing army and Li Zicheng’s army unaffected.

The Roman Empire was hit by four major plagues. According to historical records, Christians were immune to these plagues, which are considered a punishment imposed on those who had persecuted Christians.

It can be seen that the arrival of a plague is not accidental. The CCP virus epidemic was triggered by the CCP ’s evil crimes and it spread globally due to the CCP ’s concealment. The spreading of the virus shows a clear pattern, which is, it is selectively targeting the CCP and is aimed at eliminating the CCP and those who are pro-communist or who have close ties with the CCP.

All regions that are hard-hit by the virus outside China are those having intimate ties with the CCP, those who have supported the CCP in terms of trade, investment, or helping the CCP improve its international image. Likewise, individuals who have been the CCP’s supporters often find themselves vulnerable to the CCP virus.

In fact, this spreading pattern helps to point out a life-saving path for all nations and people all over the world. It is a path that directly connects to the spiritual side of all beings.

Recently, there are several cases of people recovering from the CCP pneumonia miraculously after they condemned the CCP. Some cases can be found in media reports.

In March, three key politicians of the Vox Party, Spain’s third-largest party, contracted the virus. They are Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, secretary general and the second most prominent position in Vox, and Macarena Olona, member of the congress of deputies for Vox.

Amazingly, all three recovered from the CCP pneumonia shortly after they strongly condemned the CCP.

At an EU meeting, Vox actively proposed a resolution against the CCP and WHO. At a domestic parliament session, Vox requested an international investigation into the culpability of the Chinese communist regime.

In February, Connie Brix, a Danish woman, was infected with the CCP virus while traveling in Spain. Her condition worsened in March. After Connie learned about the CCP’s cover-up of the outbreak, she berated the CCP angrily for wreaking havoc on the entire world. Two days later, Connie’s symptoms disappeared and she, too, recovered miraculously.

In mainland China, after a patient was diagnosed with the CCP pneumonia, he denounced the CCP for concealing the epidemic and other evil doings. He then recovered with all symptoms gone completely.

However, he was then deceived by the CCP ’s brainwashing propaganda and thought the CCP’s medical system was his savior, having provided an effective cure. He even felt thankful for the CCP.  As a result, the CCP virus returned—he had a relapse and tested positive again.

These true stories tell us that one’s understanding of and attitude toward the CCP will determine whether he or she is immune to the CCP virus. Rejecting and condemning the CCP is an effective cure to the CCP virus.

Conversely, supporting the CCP, endorsing the CCP, or establishing a close partnership with the CCP, will likely invite the CCP virus. Some may even experience a relapse if they choose to side with the CCP.

Everyone longs for peace and health amid a global pandemic. Facing this sudden disaster, the limitations of modern technology and management methods are obvious. Please keep in mind that God has been caring for humanity for thousands of years.

Look up at heaven, uphold your inner goodness, reflect on your actions, and reject the CCP—the representative of the greatest evil. By doing so you will be protected by God. This is the most fundamental protection for mankind.

If someone is unfortunately infected with the CCP virus, we suggest that you sincerely say “down with the CCP demons.” Maybe a miracle will happen.

Staying away from the CCP, condemning the CCP, not supporting the CCP can help any individual, organization, and country alleviate or even avoid the attacks of the CCP virus. They will then embrace a wonderful future.

The pandemic occurred because of the CCP, and the situation will change when people change their attitudes towards the CCP. For various reasons, some people are reluctant to accept and believe in this statement. They are also reluctant to face this serious issue.

Out of concern for the health of mankind and out of a sense of responsibility, we intend to reveal the truth and let more people benefit from it, so they can be free from the pandemic. We hope all kind-hearted people will get through this catastrophe as soon as possible.

Editorial Board

April 26, 2020

From The Epoch Times




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