China Faces World Claims


Pneumonia in Wuhan, China, has affected many countries. Many politicians have expressed their views to seek justice from China. Missouri, the United States, fired its first shot on the 21st of April. It accused the Chinese government and sought compensation for deliberately concealing the epidemic and inadequate action to curb the global pandemic. It was the first state in the United States to take legal action against China to the local court . The US President expressed support for this. Italy, which has always been friendly to China, has also launched a “Claims for Chinese Class Action” signing, planning to seek more than 100 billion euros from China with a target of 500,000 people to sign. The Italian Consumers ’Rights Protection Association is also considering filing a lawsuit against the Chinese government; the nearly 200-year-old four-star hotel” Post Office Hotel “in northern Italy also filed a lawsuit against the Chinese Ministry of Health for compensation. India has also seen a wave of claims from China. Mumbai lawyer Ashish Sohani sued the International Criminal Court against Chinese President Xi Jinping and four officials for allegedly concealing the epidemic, leading to major global losses. China is required to compensate India with USD 2.5 trillion. In particular, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scott Morrison) said on the 23rd of April that all members of the World Health Organization (WHO) should support an independent investigation of the new coronavirus pandemic, which is even more of a blow to the Chinese authorities.

More and more countries have heard voices of accountability to China, but whether it is legally feasible to claim from China is analyzed by foreign media.

According to media reports, James Kraska, a professor of international law at the US Naval War College, analyzes that China ’s malpractice has led to the spread of the epidemic worldwide. According to the relevant liability clauses of international wrongdoing, China should make compensation. If China disregards the judgment of the International Court of Justice, he believes that the most effective is for countries to make self-help claims in accordance with the law of state responsibility of international law. Karaska said that China ’s responsibility violated the international health regulations in the early stages of the epidemic. According to the regulations, China should be obliged to notify the World Health Organization of the epidemic and keep the information transparent. China participated in the formulation of international health regulations in 2005 and is one of the contracting states.

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