An open letter from a mother to the New Zealand government , schools and all New Zealanders

A cadaver on display at a previous Body Worlds Exhibition. (Source: CBC)

Dear All:

First of all I want to thank you for using your precious time to read over this letter. This letter I believe is important and relevant to each and every one of us, and I am sure we all want our next generation to flourish under the best environment that we can provide for them.

I am a Chinese mother and my child is lucky enough to be born in this beautiful country, New Zealand. This country in my eyes is a very pure and charming place to be. I appreciate its beauty and its natural environment. We can enjoy fresh air, clean oceans, and the beauty of nature. Besides, the most valuable thing is that New Zealanders have a mellow, kind character. In my opinion, they are extremely precious! I remember when I first arrived in New Zealand; I was deeply moved and attracted by this pure land. Because I know it is one of the last pure lands in the world today, it is so exceptionally unique. So my family and I have cherished every single day. I feel honored to be able to become a NZ citizen!

However, the recent exhibition is completely beyond my family’s comprehension.  What I can’t accept is that the “Body Worlds Vital” that is currently being displayed at the Auckland Hilton Exhibition Centre. After I checked on the Internet, I discovered various exhibitions have caused constant controversy in various sectors of society. Some countries have even taken relevant measures to cancel the exhibition of body specimens in their country! For example: In Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt and many other countries, the exhibition was cancelled and the exhibits were ordered to withdraw. The Court of Augsburg in Bavaria ordered the prohibition of exhibitions in the city on the grounds that the “corpse display” violated human dignity. The “Human Body Show” is displaying specimens that have been preserved by plasticizing human corpses. This is also the largest exhibition of corpses and human specimens exhibited in New Zealand. The use of human organs and tissues for the purpose of achieving economic benefits, whether or not they have the consent of the deceased, seems to me to be morally corrupt. ”

When I saw the advertisement of the dead body specimens, it instantly made me feel uneasy, shocked and mortified. As a child’s mother, I was in a state of deep dread. I cannot conceive how human beings would have such an inhuman, immoral, and mortal exhibition? What impact will this exhibition have on New Zealanders? What terrible effect will this have on our children’s future? Because not only my child; but also all children’s innocence could be immeasurably and intangibly harmed. I don’t think any mother would ever want her children to see a specimen exhibition of dead bodies. What hellish experiences would this child undergo even after leaving this venue? We have the moral obligation to shelter our children from such atrocities. And we never ever want it to happen in New Zealand again. It is therefore to my way of thinking, totally reprehensible. The only empathy a sensitive soul could possibly have for such a display, would be sheer terror. How can a child in this state have any feelings left; for love, peace, and compassion?

Source: Body Worlds Vital gallery

Please let us think carefully as parents, government departments and school officials. When our children see the body exhibition, what kind of feelings will this invoke? The children are mislead and corrupted in their hearts and minds at this vulnerable and tender age! What kind of example are we setting for our children by leading them down a path of where human bodies become a commodity? I wonder what influence this exhibition will have on their future. Will they thank us for exposing them to this insensitive and disrespectful attitude for human life? I dare not conceive of such things. I personally think that as a parent, government or school, we have the responsibility and obligation to show our children the righteous values, as well as the brightness and beauty of life. Instead of letting them witness a bodies lifeless form, which has long ago been extinguished.

The entire society should take responsibility to protect and cherish our next generation, because they are our future. They are our hope. How shall we guide our children to the direction of purity and goodness? I think that children not only should have a sound personality, but also have a high standard of ethics, and empathy for human rights. The most fundamental and important thing is to have the basic love and respect for humanity. Human beings should abide by human morality, and only then will there be hope for our future and the coming generations!

Everything in life is sacred. From all angles, I personally believe that this exhibition violates the principles and sacredness of life itself. If all social sectors really care for the growth of our next generation, who will continue to support this inhuman exhibition of dead bodies? What was the intention of the exhibition organizer? Was it the agenda to distort our common value? Anyone with conscience will be able to distinguish. This specimen exhibition of corpses could bring endless nightmares and terrible memories to our next generation! Which mother in the world would want this for her children!

The following are just some of my personal views on this dead body exhibition:

1. Objectifying the sacred form of the human image while money is being exchanged, questions the integrity of this exhibition.

2. I feel that regardless of from where these bodies are sourced or under what conditions; this still depraves and objectifies the human form, publicly, in a most unprecedented way.

3. What kind of message would making un-skinned dead people perform, like puppets, send to our children? Will they find that life is meaningless and hopeless because the exhibition implies that everyone will be the same as the specimens when their life is over? Will our children thank us for showing them such explicit and graphic horror scenes; which could endanger their innocent unspoiled minds for life?

Now, in the name of a mother of New Zealand’s future: I solemnly make a public statement to all sectors of the community. I appeal to all people in the community for justice, and for like minded people to fully support the immediate cessation of the dead body specimen exhibitions. And to stop this negative “education” before it escalates in the minds of our impressionable young New Zealanders! It should be forbidden for New Zealanders to be contaminated by the deviated, declining moral values.

At the same time, as a child’s mother, I firmly cannot accept this kind of bizarre education to pollute and poison my child’s mind! I suppose that as a government, school, and all New Zealanders; with conscience, would not want to accept such negative and immoral education. I remember that Plato once said: “What is education? Education is training for later life. It can make people good, and thus cause noble actions. ”

Moral concepts of good and bad, honor and disgrace, justice and injustice: we need now to make our own right choice, and let all of us, in New Zealand join hands in unison to stop and oppose this poisonous and sinful baptism! Whether individuals or groups use whatever various commercial activities to deceive and mislead the public is totally unacceptable, in this society. Please stop the exhibition immediately! Give us back our pure,beautiful New Zealand! Return our children to oneness, unity, and love.


A concerned mother: AiLin

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