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Global Highlights 06/05/2020

1. Australia and NZ could form a trans-Tasman bubble 2. Washington warns Beijing will face serious consequences if it violates trade agreement 3. Four more U.S. military B-1 bombers deploy Guam 4. Studies have found that microorganisms can survive in pure hydrogen environment may help discover alien life 5. Uzbekistan investigate Saldoba  reservoir dam break

Global Highlights 05/05/2020

1.Senior officials of Virus Research Institute fled the US 2.Trump Interviewed at the Memorial Hall: Ultimate sanctions will be imposed on the CCP 3.Reuters: U.S. is pushing the global supply chain out of China 4.Buffett adjusts investment direction and will invest on US stocks in future 5.The British Prime Minister gave his son the same name to thank his doctor

Global Highlights 04/05/2020

1.The Five Eyes Alliance caught the evidence: the CCP concealed the epidemic and destroyed the evidence 2.Chinese American group claim compensation from the CCP 3.Pompeo: "Extensive evidence" indicates that the CCP virus pandemic originated in a laboratory in Wuhan 4.Russia's new CCP Virus case surges Moscow medical system may be overwhelmed...... 5.Taiwan diplomatic relations countries asked WHO to let Taiwan participate in the WHA

Global Highlights 03/05/2020

1.Singapore relaxes Circuit Breaker Industries will resume operations from 5 May 2.U.S. considers banning Chinese science and engineering students from studying in the U.S. 3. Outbreak in a meat factory in Melbourne  8 employees confirmed with Covid-19 4. "Bat Woman" Shi Zhengli denies defection

Global Highlights 02/05/2020

1. Russian Prime Minister Quarantine and Isolate 2.Trump is confident they knew the source of the CCP virus 3.Evidence shows that the CCP instructed overseas Chinese to buy masks 4.Kim Jong-un appeared on 1st May 5.The United States prohibits federal pension funds from investing in China

Global Highlights 28/04/2020

Navarro pointed out the CCP has launched a biochemical war, exposing 4 of Beijing's insidious tactics In an interview with U.S. media on Monday, White...

Global Highlights 26/04/2020

Trump and Putin make joint statement U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement on Saturday (April 25th), to mark...

Global Highlights 25/04/2020

Pompeo made a blunt statement: The United States will make the Chinese Communist Party pay the price!

Pompeo Repeats Calls for China to Share Access to Its Virology Labs With the...

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reopened calls for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to share access to its virology labs with the United States, specifically...

Religious Suppression Under Chinese Communism Poses Global Threat, US Panel Says

Religious freedom in China is further eroding under the regime in Beijing as it seeks to export such suppression internationally, according to the latest...