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Made in India: India Seeking to Woo 1,000 Companies Away From China

COVID-19 has been a huge setback for China. While its economy has struggled due to the viral outbreak, a more serious problem for Beijing...

American Military Retirement Fund to Support Chinese Military

Mike Waltz, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has warned against funding the Chinese military through the retirement savings of American soldiers....

Global Health Security: A Call for Taiwan’s Inclusion

The threat of emerging infectious diseases to global health and the economy, trade, and tourism has never abated. Pandemics can spread rapidly around the...

Global Highlights 08/05/2020

1. Pompeo said Tedros has the right to invite Taiwan in WHA 2. More than 160,000 diagnosed in Russia 3. The CCP Government approved four pharmaceutical companies to enter the vaccine human test... 4. Australia National cabinet to discuss timeline for lifting CCP virus restrictions cross the cou

Hollywood Has Lost the Plot by Kowtowing to the CCP

For generations of people the world over, the very word, Hollywood was a synonym for the American Dream. There were glamor and beauty, rags...

UK Government Abandoning Zoom Due to Fear of Security Threat

After the academic research lab Citizen Lab warned in early April that videoconferencing service Zoom presents a security risk due to the use of...

US Official: CCP Virus Is an Act of Terrorism

Months after the CCP coronavirus pandemic was unleashed across the world by way of the inept Chinese communist regime, talks of suing Beijing for the losses...

Global Highlights 07/05/2020

1. Trump: the epidemic crisis is worse than the Pearl Harbour incident and the 9/11 terrorist attack 2. “Belt and Road”hit the rocks under the epidemic 3. New cases of Corvid have been reduced in Europe 4. Millions Of Australians may return to work next week 5. Wuhan residents want to set up a monument for victims of pneumonia but suppressed by local authorities

China Wants to Lead a New World Order

China Wants to Lead a New World Order.  They are Using the United Nations to Grab Power.   From China Uncensored мгновенный займ онлайн

Global Highlights 06/05/2020

1. Australia and NZ could form a trans-Tasman bubble 2. Washington warns Beijing will face serious consequences if it violates trade agreement 3. Four more U.S. military B-1 bombers deploy Guam 4. Studies have found that microorganisms can survive in pure hydrogen environment may help discover alien life 5. Uzbekistan investigate Saldoba  reservoir dam break