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If you are seeking for somewhere to clear your thoughts, the bamboo forest in Anji will be the perfect destination. Covering a total area of 60,000 hectares, a curtain of greenness stretches on infinitely. When you breathe in the fresh, cool breeze, you experience a soothing, purifying effect. As you venture deeper into the woods, you will hear the water currents in streams which eventually escalate and combine to form a powerful surge of waterfall. Continue the journey, and you will find yourself somewhere in Shangri-La, bewitched by nature’s charms. During sunrise, the Anji bamboo sea is concealed by light fog, appearing extraordinarily beautiful. Image Source: Google From: World.nzlife.nz

Ancient town in Southern China Takes Centre Stage after being Unnoticed for a Decade

Nestled between Suzhou and Hangzhou, a small town in Jiangnan has remained obscure for ten years until now. The classy, long- lived architecture are all presented in the TV series to illustrate the charm and rich historical background of the town. This is HuZhou, a well-preserved relic from Ming Dynasty, where stories and tales have been captured and carried on for centuries. Be There, Be Part...
The Ghost Festival Celebrations in Taiwanvideo

The Ghost Festival Celebrations in Taiwan

The seventh lunar month, which falls between August 22 and September 19 this year, is a very important month for people living in Taiwan because it...
Ghost Valley Plank Road: Not a Tour for the Faint-Hearted

Ghost Valley Plank Road: Not a Tour for the Faint-Hearted

Zhangjiajie is a city situated in the northwest of Hunan Province. It is home to two large national parks, one of which is the...

Jaw Dropping Parkour Course in China — Not for the Faint-Hearted

His name is Calen Chan, and this is a recent Parkour run, filmed from the first-person point of view (POV), of the Skyladder Parkour...
An Intriguing Gemstone Museum in Taiwan

An Intriguing Gemstone Museum in Taiwan

Consisting of the Chii Lih Museum-Yilan (宜蘭綺麗觀光工廠) and the Chii Lih Museum-Taitung (台東綺麗珊瑚博物館), the Chii Lih Museum  (綺麗博物館) is one of the most intriguing museums...
7 of the Best Hidden China Travel Destinations

7 of the Best Hidden China Travel Destinations

Here are seven of the best hidden China travel destinations, which are not so famous and thus are far less crowded. Yi Chun in Heilongjiang:...
The Nanhai Education Park in Taiwan

The Nanhai Education Park in Taiwan

Located on Nanhai Road in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City, the Nanhai Education Park (南海學園) is a compound consisting of cultural and educational...

Chinese Tourists Arrested and Fined for Nazi Salutes in Germany

Just recently, two Chinese tourists were arrested for performing Nazi salutes in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. According to police reports, quoted by German...



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