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A land full of mystery! Divine land, five thousand years. Legends and stories. Experience the difference in culture, lifestyle, behaviour, personality, fashion, and classical art, where good values still alive and sparkled in life.

Buddhism is one of major religions in China. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

What You Should Know About China’s Current Social Culture

When the Communist Party took control of China, they tried to purge most of its culture, deeming it “backward” and an “impedimen”’ to social...
Tray with Women and Boys on a Garden Terrace, 14th century, Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), carved red lacquer. (Image: The Met/ Wikicommons)

Children to Immortals: Figural Representations in Chinese Art at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the “Met”) in New York City is currently holding an exhibition of art in Chinese culture entitled Children to Immortals: Figural Representations...
A story of virtue and filial piety. After losing his father a young man decides to sell him self, to be able to afford his father's burial. (Image: Maxpixel, CC0 1.0)

The Descent of a Heavenly Maiden

During the Han Dynasty (202 B.C. – A.D. 220), there lived a young man by the name of Dongyong, who lost his mother when...
Kou Zhun lived a frugal life despite being a prime minister. When he once fell into indulgence, he was moved to tears and quickly changed his ways after reading a poem left by his mother before she died. (SM Yang/Epoch Times)

Rediscovering Our Innate Good Nature in the ‘Three Character Classic’

The “Three Character Classic,” or “San Zi Jing,” is the best-known classic Chinese text for children. Written by Wang Yinlian (1223–1296) during the Song...