What Do Chinese Say About the Dog Zodiac?

A husky at the Westminster Dog Show in New York, on Feb. 11, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

According to the Chinese calendar, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal in a 12-year cycle. The year 2018 is an Earth Dog Year, which generally forecasts an ambitious, friendly, and hard-working year.

Dogs are believed to be the most loyal animals to mankind. Due to their strong sense of loyalty and sincerity, they will do anything for those they consider most important.

With their long history alongside humans, dogs fulfill many important tasks for people, such as companionship, hunting, herding, pulling loads, guarding, aiding blind people, and assisting police. The dog is considered man’s best friend.

The Dog Zodiac Sign

People born in the following date ranges carry the dog zodiac sign:

Dog Year Start End Five Elements
2018 February 16, 2018 February 4, 2019 Earth
2006 January 29, 2006 February 17, 2007 Fire
1994 February 10, 1994 January 30, 1995 Wood
1982 January 25, 1982 February 12, 1983 Water
1970 February 6, 1970 January 26, 1971 Metal
1958 February 18, 1958 February 7, 1959 Earth
1946 February 2, 1946 January 21, 1947 Fire
1934 February 14, 1934 February 3, 1935 Wood

People born with the dog zodiac sign normally have the following traits:

Loyal and Faithful

People born under the Chinese zodiac Dog sign generally have industrious, genuine, and righteous characteristics. They are friendly, loyal to their friends, and sometimes would rather suffer losses than bother others. If their friends are in trouble, they will go to great lengths to defend them against injustice.

Sense of Justice

People born in a dog year normally have a strong sense of justice. They stick to principles and like to make things right. They can fight determinedly against evildoers and wrongdoings. They have a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate. They are brave and forthright.

Dogs make loyal friends. (JK/The Epoch Times)


In work, those born under the dog sign are meticulous, responsible, are committed to their work, and try their best to finish tasks. Due to their serious and responsible attitude, they are more likely to succeed. They typically have a profound sense of duty. They hate careless attitudes and have the courage to take the blame for mistakes. They usually bring about achievements in study and work and are well received by leaders.

Good Partners

At work, they are normally good-tempered and hardworking. They care less about their personal gain. Due to their loyal personality, Dogs tend to choose a career based on the principle of serving others. Dogs are seen as valuable employees as they put their heart and soul into their tasks. In the family, they are loyal to those they love. They will give all they have for their loved ones and be very faithful and obedient to their partners. Being more rational than emotional, they are whole-hearted, caring, and dedicated to their partners.


People with the dog zodiac sign have clear goals and they are focused on success and failure, never compromising their conscience to do things. They are persistent and never give up. On the other hand, they are very stubborn. They like to get to the bottom of matters and can be critical and sometimes suspicious. Thus, they may irritate other people at work.

They can get also easily angry or irritable, become immersed in bad moods, or be indecisive. Opportunities can be lost due to too much hesitation.

Apart from all the good qualities, Dogs sometimes have a servile nature and may flatter those who are superior to them.

From The Epoch Times

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