9 Quotes for Life


The following nine quotes are not words mentioned by celebrities, but they are enlightenments worth sharing with others, especially when you are in a predicament:

Nine quotes for life. (Image: ai3310X via Compfight cc)
  • Never expect others to give you money, as money will never be enough for anyone — learn to be giving.
  • Friends may help you out of compassion or morality, but if they are unwilling to do so, there is no cause for criticism. You should not harbor any grievance against friends, as they don’t owe you anything — learn to be conscientious.
  • Nobody has the responsibility to help you when you are in need; you can only count on yourself. After all, making yourself independent, strong, happy, and blissful is what you need to do — learn to be strong.
  • Don’t make friends with others because of their wealth. Though someone is poor, he may be the only one who is willing to give you what he has — learn to know people.
  • Never alienate a spiritually wealthy friend because of a materially wealthy friend, as the latter may be an idiot who will only take you to fool around — learn to respect others.
  • You should believe that there really is beautiful and faithful love in the world — learn to cherish love.
  • Regardless of why you are married, you should always love your home. Be it ever so humble, you are obliged to make it full of warmth — learn to be responsible.
  • Your youth will pass in the blink of an eye, and wrinkles will gradually grow around the corners of your eyes, but they can temper your heart — learn how to grow.
  • Don’t be stubborn, as there are many unfavorable things in life. Never be attached to anything — learn to take things lightly.

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